Senior Pastor Ryan Smith  &

Pastor Lisa Smith

Pastors Ryan Smith, and his wife Lisa, have been part of PFFM & The Freedom Center  Windsor, since February of 2013. Ryan was ordained by PFFM in January 2015 and Lisa was ordained in October 2016. Ryan & Lisa oversee The Freedom Center in Windsor.

Ryan & Lisa have both been set free, through the power of the Lord Jesus Christ. They carry the vision of the Gospel in their hearts, and serve others with compassion. It is their hearts desire to see people set free, from the sin that so easily ensnares them. They use the “Power of their Testimony, through the Holy Spirit”, to bring reconciliation and freedom to others.

Ryan & Lisa both have Pastoral hearts, and serve others in many different capacities.

Ryan is a gifted Teacher, with an Evangelistic passion. He also has a burden for Prayer, and loves to Praise and Worship the Lord.

Lisa has learned to overcome through many of life’s difficulties. Her practical wisdom and prophetic insight is invaluable. Lisa is very gifted in Administration, and has a strong gift of Discernment.

Ryan & Lisa have been married since 2007, and have 4 children, and 2 grandchildren.


Associate Pastor H. “Pete” Christine

Associate Pastor Pete Christine has been on a spiritual journey for about 24 years. He has various denominational backgrounds throughout his walk with the Lord. It was at a Freedom Journey in 2015 that changed everything! After having an awakening moment through a prophetic word given, God began to ignite Pete’s calling of becoming a Pastor, through a process of religious beliefs, traditions and legalistic teachings breaking off his life and the Father’s love being revealed to him.

Pete went through a season of being mentored and devoted to studying the Word and a lifestyle of prayer. Pete continues ongoing training to one day become a Senior Pastor.

Pete operates in strong words of knowledge and discernment given to him by the Power of the Holy Spirit. Pete has a Pastor’s heart for all people. He has a strong call to deliverance ministry. He longs to see people set free from all addictions and strongholds of life!

Pete was ordained with The Freedom Center in August 2017 and serves as an Elder.


Janice Holcomb

TFC Leader

Jesus came into my life when I was 37 years old. He has captured my heart, took me from feeling unloved to loved, and gave me hope and a future! I want others to experience His love and forgiveness and have the promise of Eternal life.

I’ve been coming to the Freedom Center since the summer of 2013 and now serve in leadership. My passion is for people to know our awesome God through Christ.

Janice was licensed as Leader with The Freedom Center in March 2017 and serves as an Elder.


Kim O’Neill

TFC Leader

Kim has been part of The Freedom Center since 2013.  Kim is highly gifted in Administration, the gift of Encouragement and Helps.  Kim has a Servant’s Heart and enjoys expressing that through her leadership at the Center, as well as serving others in the surrounding community and those in need.

Kim’s desire is for everyone to experience the love of the Father through a personal relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  It is only through the Lord that we receive and experience true healing and freedom.

Kim was licensed as Leader with The Freedom Center in March 2017 and serves as an Elder.